Tourism and experience development




Strategic processes and planning, place potential planning, master plans, decision making platforms, diverse perspectives, and development plans.


Analysis, experience audits, experience development, experience scripts and flows, insight.


The involvement of locals and businesses, steering committees, working groups, advisory boards, qualitative and quantitative methods, dialogue.


Workshops, lectures, debates, articles, books, public meetings, study trips, reflection, education.


ID360®, Experience360®, Experience Matrices©, evaluations, qualitative and quantitative analysis, research.


Our work includes a wide array of activities. There are many things which really interest us. We seek tasks which require close cooperation with our clients. We participate in the public debate, we do research, we educate, we develop new tools, we write books and articles and much more.

Below you can read about selected examples of our activities.


We are curious by nature. At the same time it is vital for us as consultants to constantly seek out new knowledge, perspectives and inspiration. Therefore we spend a considerable amount of time writing academic articles and participating in international research conferences.

We work in close cooperation with Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt, The University of Southern Denmark. At the present time our research primarily concerns strategic place-making, tourism investments, the meaning of both business regions and clusters for tourism and regional development. We are also examining the connections between public and private investments in relation to tourism development with special focus on northern Germany.

At the moment we are also working on a project based on the results of the more than 75 processes we have planned and executed based on Experience Matrices©.

Indeed we would claim that we are at times ahead of the curve. This is, among other reasons, due to the fact that we are constantly shifting between research, education, and practice. This gives us a unique insight into new ways of thinking and working which can provide great benefits for our clients and partners.This shifting between research, education and practice had not come about by chance. We seek this variety in order that we achieve the opportunity to discuss the newest innovations with colleagues both domestic and international. In part we achieve this through our membership in various international research networks.

Since 1995 we have written a number of books about communication, experiences and tourism.

Kvistgaard & Hird: Danmarks investeringsprofil til debat (2016)
Kvistgaard, Blichfeldt & Hird: Nye kystbyer vil give mulighed for en helt ny forretningsmodel (2013)
Kvistgaard, Blichfeldt & Hird: Destination Leadership and the Issue of Power (Tourism Review, 2014)
Kvistgaard & Hird: Oplevelsesrum (Systime, 2010)
Hird, Hird & von Irgens-Bergh: Reklamer på tryk, film, web og dåse (Alinea, 2012)
Kvistgaard: Problemer og magt i regional turismepolicy (Aalborg Universitetsforlag, 2006)
Bonnén, Hird & Poulsen: Livsstilsanalyse og Trendspotting (Academica, 2009)
Hird & Poulsen: Kommunikationens mange ansigter (JP Bøger, 2004)
Hird & Poulsen: Danske reklamekampagner – forførende underholdning? (Gyldendal, 2000)
Hird & von Irgens-Bergh: Reklame i virkeligheden (Alinea, 2007)


We develop solutions for a broad variety of clients - both large and small – for customers all around the country. In 2016 and 2017 we offered solutions to, among others:


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